A Digital Journey Through Haiti’s Early Print Culture

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Curated by Marlene L. Daut

Nineteenth-century Haiti was home to multiple, competing and rival printing presses. Demarcated along political lines (in the north with King Henry Christophe and in the south with President Alexandre Pétion), these presses kept alive a robust and understudied culture of print. This website offers a digital journey through three of Haiti’s earliest newspapers:

  • La Gazette Officielle d’Hayti (1807-1811)
  • La Gazette Royale d’Hayti (1811-1820)
  • L’Abeille Haytienne (1817-1820)

La Gazette Officielle d’Hayti (1807-1811)

  • September 28, 1809
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La Gazette Royale d’Hayti (1811-1820)

  • October 12, 1809<br /><br />
  • The Whole File

L’Abeille Haytienne (1817-1820)

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