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The president of northern Haiti, Henry Christophe, changed his title to king and established a monarchy on March 26, 1811. It is not known exactly when the state-run newspaper’s title changed to reflect the new form of governance. The last issue of the Gazette Officielle that appears on this website was published in January 1811. We do not currently have any other issues from 1811 or any single issue from 1812. By July 1813, however, we observe that the newspaper now appears as the Gazette Royale d’Hayti. Most likely sometime between 1815 and 1816, the northern kingdom’s most visible writer, Baron de Vastey, would assume editorship of the state-run paper, replacing the Gazette‘s longtime editor, the poet and playwright, Juste Chanlatte.

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October 15, 1818 15 Octobre 1818

Announcing that several different newspapers have arrived from London, covering the period from July 28th...

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November 5, 1818 5 Novembre 1818

One article printed here discusses the state of the Citadelle after the fire of August...

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December 28, 1818 28 Décembre 1818

The first and primary article announces the creation of the Chambre Royale d'Instruction Publique, or...

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September 10, 1819 10 Septembre 1819

The final newspaper in our collection, this issue reveals that Henry’s son, Prince Victor Henry,...

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